Gaby Lopez - Tempo (Part 2)

Gaby Lopez explains how important tempo is in her game. Grip pressure will determine how quick or slow her tempo will be.

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How do you keep your tempo? What is your tempo? Do you feel-- try to be smooth? You try to be--

I think tempo goes in relation to how much pressure I put in my grip. So if I'm gripping it too tight, I might as well go super fast. So I try to keep the same pressure in my grip. So that is going to determine my tempo.

So let's say I kind of classify my tempo in different velocities. If I know that it's going too speedy, I know it's going too aggressive.

Too aggressive.

If I go too slow, I know it's not going to go as far as I want.


So I kind of find a medium speed.

You're big on grip pressure, aren't you?

I am. I like it.

You were big on it at the chipping area. And you got--

I like to be conscious of that. Yes.

You got-- you like-- you're very sensitive in the fingers, which I like.


It's important to you.

Right. The feeling comes from that for me.

And it makes your wrist work good.

Yes. Yes.

It's fantastic.

So I like to just not be very, very aggressive on my swing, just trying to have the same tempo every time.