Gaby Lopez - My Waggle

Gaby Lopez demonstrates her version of the waggle. She regrips with her hands and lifts the clubhead off of the ground, vs. waggling the club back and forth during her pre-shot routine.

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So I watch you when you were getting into the ball. You sort of come in, you build your stance, and then you kind of regrip with your hands a little bit.

Yes, a little bit.

I mean, I'm sure you do it subconsciously. But it's OK. I'm just saying, it's something you keep doing. And it gives you probably the feeling of sameness, right?

Yeah, the feeling that I think I'm gripping the club good enough, you know?


I don't know. Just sometimes players like to wobble.

You don't wobble that much.

No, but I like to--


To lift, yeah.

I do, too. I lift. Wow, that's so nice.