Gaby Lopez - The Grip

Gaby Lopez shows us the way she grips the club in detail. She used to have the left hand grip weak, but now can see 2 knuckles. The right hand grip is in her fingers. The "V" of both hands point to the right shoulder.


You changed your grip? You had more of a weaker grip when you were younger?

Right. So when I was growing up-- I have a small hand. So I probably used to grip it like this.

You didn't see any knuckles? It was just flat?

Right. It was flat, and it was more likely to come--

In out.

In out, yeah. So right now what I'm doing is I'm gripping it with my palm. So I'm grappling with this part of my hand.

And you're getting that piece over the top there.

Right. So now I'm able to see these two knuckles, and this line always pointing here.

Which by the way, that's pretty standard. It just feels over for you.

For me it's a little over, but if I'm riding a motorcycle, like this.

You're the Harley.

Now it kind of feels a little bit more stronger. So now I feel like I can actually compress even more of the ball.

Love it. And how do you put your right on there? What do you got back here?

I overlap. So everyone has been asking me why I don't do this. Well, I've always grown up to be like that.

I mean, this is the first one that was invented. Harry Vardon, he's pretty good.

Yeah, so I'm sticking with that.

Then the right hand, are you in the fingers? Yeah.


Yeah, see this is pretty great.

Yeah, we want to have these and this one pointing this way. So it's not a strong grip. A strong grip would be like this.

I would say that you're what I would consider neutral.

Neutral, right. And it feels way more comfortable, because now I feel that I can have a better impact on the ball. And that gives me more confidence when I'm hitting it.