Gaby Lopez - Hitting A Fade

Gaby Lopez demonstrates how to hit a fade, her shot of choice into a right to left wind. She sets up by aiming the shoulders left of target, and take the club outside in the backswing.


So I mean, we have some wind right now out of the right, but that's your--

My go to shot? Yeah, probably. If I have to max out a club, I'll probably hit a draw.

A draw?

But if I have a left to right, right or left wind, I like to fade it. Just because the ball is going to land softly on the green.

Is there a big adjustment for that? Or--

Well, it is different, for sure. I like to play with my posture instead of my arms. So let's say we're going to the orange one.



Are you going to hold it up a little bit?



So if I aim, let's say, straight, and then I just my legs, and my feet, and my shoulders a little left, and I follow this path with my club, the ball's going to curve a little bit, always with my club face pointing to the target. So something like that.

Yeah, that's an easy shot for you to hit currently.


Because if you keep the lag on it, then the face will always be open to the path. And you're fine. I mean, I faded the ball my whole life. And I just keep the lag on it and everything left.

And I think, yeah, the fade is always going to listen, you know?


The draw is going to be more aggressive. I don't trust myself with the draws. Once I get above about a six iron. So I'll do sevens, eights, nines, wedges, and maybe my three wood.

OK, yeah, the three wood is good, easy to curve. Yeah, so if we hit it again, I'll aim straight. And then, I'll just turn a little bit, the club face looking at the target.

Yeah, that's pure--

And then, I'll just halt the wind.