Gaby Lopez - Long Drive On A Par 5

Gaby Lopez takes us through her entire process for hitting a shot off the tee on a reachable par 5. Women's golf is quickly becoming a power game, and she shows us a driver swing with extra gear.


So we're on the 18th tee here in Las Colinas Country Club. This is an interesting hole, because it's a par five that you may be able to reach in two. And a lot of people don't realize that the ladies golf is kind of a power game. There's some finesse, but there's also some power. Like you're very powerful.

Yeah, it's becoming very physical, and how strong you are, so you can get some extra yards off the tee.

Is there a thing you get for that extra gear, like the extra 10 yards?

Well yeah, I like to work out and be as explosive as I can in the gym. That's going to transfer to the golf course. So for here, if I want to actually hit it further, I probably loosen up my grip.

Lighten it up.

Yeah, lighten it up so I can get that extra speed in my club.

And you just concentrate on the speed down here in that?

Yeah. So if I loosen up a little bit my grip, I probably get extra yards.

Are you going to give us the extra gear right here?

I'll give you the extra gear. All right.

We want to get on in two. We want to see you knock it on the green in two here.


Great shot.