Gaby Lopez - Wedge Swings (Part 1)

Gaby Lopez explains how she starts her warm-up on the driving range by hitting short wedge shots. She will keep her weight on the left side at setup to stay centered to help rotate in the downswing.


When you come out to get ready for a warm up, do you normally start with the--

I start with my 60 degrees. I like to just hit it different distances. So I'll start, probably, with a little 20 yards.

And from there, I like to go up, up, up, up, until all my [INAUDIBLE]. I'll probably like to warm up between five and eight minutes with my wedges to get some--


[INAUDIBLE] and rhythm. Yeah. And it just goes and builds up.

Is there any-- I mean, we talked about this a little bit, with chipping. But is there any-- I think, you're trying to work on here with your body. I know you're trying to keep the club out in front. And you get around what I call around the corner so nice. Is that something that came natural, or?

Well, yeah. It's very natural. I think with my wedges, I like to feel just a little bit more weight on my left side. I don't like to full swing my wedges. So I just like to--

Does the weight on the left side up there a little bit just keep you centered?

Yes. So it is going to give me this stability and get me the clubface almost exactly the same way I want every single time. So if I'm swinging normally, I might not get to the left side as good if I stay on the left side of my leg.

And you hit this one--

It's just a little bit.

--all the way up to 70 yards, 80 yards?

Yeah, 80 yards I hit, probably, this one.