Gaby Lopez - Wedge Swings (Part 2)

Gaby Lopez demonstrates how she hits her wedges to specific distances. She relies on her feel, but will also take the left arm to 9 o'clock to hone in on the distance and control her trajectory.


When you take a yardage for 80 or let's say it's 92 or something, is there a routine? Is there anything you do to make it go that distance, or is it feel?

No, I actually used to do it with feel. And with my coach, we found this system. And I actually like it very much. So with my 60, I know that if I hit it to here, it will be at like nine. From here to here, I know that's going to be 66. So under pressure, if I need some exact number, I'll go with that.

If you're not thinking straight or something.


You've got something to go back on.

I know exactly what I'd do. So I like to have two shots in every single wedge, just to know exactly.

Low, high?


Because you know, the pin might be back, and you don't want to come in high. You might want to skip it, and still be short.

Exactly. Or if we have a short pin, I want to max out maybe my wedges. And that'll be probably the one case scenario where I'll do it.

So I gave you the 56. What is that?

Well, my 56, it'll go about 92, to about here. And I can hit it all the way to 103 yards. 103. So let's say if I hit like to the 9, like in a clock, I know that probably will be about 90 yards.

You get right up out around here so well.

Yes. I like to always finish my swing. You know, sometimes we miss, our wedge is too short. Sometimes we have to be that aggressiveness, and have that aggressiveness, and just be secure that the ball is going to do whatever you--

If the grip is good and the backswing is online, there shouldn't be anything to be afraid about, right?

Right, right.

I mean, we invent things that worry us. But I used to try to reinforce it. And if the grip's really good. I'm aimed good, the clubface is in good position, then nothing should go wrong.

Be wrong, right.

Unless just something happens. And I think that kind of gives you confidence. And the impact that how you inputted--

How it sounds, yeah.

How it sounds, it just comes in and says, OK, I hit it good.


I mean, if it just spun back, well that's a different case. But yeah, so this is what-- And in my stands and in my wedges, I like to just narrow a little bit more in my stands. Just not being able to connect the ball as good.