Gerina Piller: 3 Wood Swing

Gerina Piller demonstrates how she swings her 3 wood, an important club she uses off the tee and from the fairway.


You wanted to tell me something about hitting off the ground?

Yes, I know hitting a 3-wood off the ground, a lot of people try to help it up. Because, obviously, we don't have a lot of loft here. And that is going against everything golf says. If you try to lift up on the ball, you're going to hit the ball and create down spin, which is going to make it go lower. And so it's very tricky. I don't know if it tricky is the right word, but hitting a 3-wood off the ground is very tough. And so what I would suggest and what I would try to work on is, again, I have my hands-- I feel like my hands are a little back from what my normal is in front of it.

Sure but I think if I had any feedback for you, I would say they look exactly where they should be.

OK. And then I really focus on staying level. And what I mean by staying level is-- you always hear the "don't move your head," "keep your head down." I mean staying level is not letting your head go up or down, keeping the same distance between your head and the ground at all times.

So you already embed a thought of being still?


Or not moving your horizon.

Correct. And you don't have to kill a 3-wood. You don't need to help this up. You don't need to swing harder, that is what technology is for. And I struggle with trying to hit it harder and make it go higher. And it's whenever I'm trying to maybe hit it a little softer or just control it, that's when I hit it the furthest.

Hit the furthest.

So good tempo, a good base, and great rhythm.