Gerina Piller: 5 Wood Swing

Approach shots from distance requires length and accuracy. See how Gerina Piller swings her 5 wood.


What is this little guy, a little--

This is a--

--little blue ten mick.

--little ten mic. This is the bread and butter right here.

5 wood, 4 wood?

I cannot hit a hybrid.

You know what, I couldn't hit a hybrid either until I got this one shaft in it. Now I can hit a hybrid.

Yeah, no. I don't know if it's because I swing a hybrid more like a--


--a wood. I sweep it. And so I don't create enough spin to keep it in the air. So it's low, hits the ground, and it runs for five miles.

What's that, a 5 wood?

This is a 5 wood that is a weak 5 wood. And it's just peach.

Money, money club. Money--

I need this off the tee is great. I use it a lot on par fives, going forward in two, long par threes. And it's just-- it's just super easy to hit. I don't have to worry about the height, has good trajectory.


Yeah, it's plenty up, right? Plenty in the air.

Yeah, and I can do the same thing with it. I was talking about earlier with my wedges, if I need to tone it down a little bit, I grip it--


I grip it a little shorter.

I remember seeing you on TV, you grip it shorter a little bit on everything--


--don't you?

--especially, when I want to swing a little more control than kind of stay within myself. I feel like when I grip it to the end, it gets a little floppy. And I don't really have a sense of where the head is.

That's what we want.

And so this is kind of what I like to do. I can also try to hit this like a little chippy, lower, kind of like get it in the fairway on 18 kind of shot.



So I just feel like I could do a lot with this club.