Gerina Piller: Love/Hate With 3 Wood

Gerina Piller has a love/hate with her 3 wood. Find out why as she discusses her reasons.


3-Wood love or hate it?


It's one or the other, normally, for the Tour players.

Are you talking about this one in particular, or like a 3-Wood in general?

A 3-Wood in general for you.

It's a little mixed. I don't love it, but I don't hate it.

Your 5-Wood, it seems you love.

I love my 5-Wood.

Does that go too low for you?

Yes, because of my--


--my lean. I would say I'm more accurate with my driver than I am with my 3-Wood.

But it's funny, because when I grew up playing-- started playing golf, I couldn't hit a driver. I had a--

It sounds like you go to like, if you're going to go off the tee with something to lay up, you go here, do you?

I hit this one every now and then. It kind of depends on the course, but I hit for the longest time a 3-Wood with a steel shaft.

I did, too.

It was great.

I'm betting the reason that stays in the bag is because it goes far.

This one? Yeah.

It goes far, doesn't it?

Yeah, it goes far.

It's like a drug. That's your crack pipe right there.

Yeah, this one, this is a good 3-Wood. 3-Woods, in general, are, as we all know, they are tough to find.


It's hard to find one that you hit off the ground, and off the tee.

Hardest club to find for a Tour player.