Gerina Piller: Backswing

Learn the mechanics and positions Gerina Piller looks for in her backswing that produces power and accuracy.

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Gerina Piller Backswing Shoulder Turn


Is there a backswing thing for you? Or how'd you learn? Or what do you believe in?

I do better when my back swing is comfortable, when I'm not thinking of my back swing, when I'm thinking about, probably from here to here, of my downswing.

I know you don't not care about your backswing. You just like it to feel awesome.

Yes. I don't want to have to try to manipulate it, get the club out, hands in, rotate up, down, across.

None of that.


So what works for you is, is it just the hands under the club? Or you don't even think--

Right now, my backswing feels really good. So I try not to think about it.

Perfectly OK. Let's stay with that.

But what I like is-- my tendency is to have so much forward lean of the golf ball, and sometimes, like Mike said, I got to work on staying a little behind the ball. And that's not swinging off my back foot, but just rotating and keeping the ball here. Because I get so far ahead of it, that I'm like this. And so--

It sounds like, though, you're aware of that.


You have awareness.

More so now, I have more of a conviction now of my swing. As before, it was kind of wishy-washy. But over the last couple years, I have a lot of conviction about my swing. If someone were to walk up to me and ask me why I do this and try to change me, I'd be like, well, that's the way I do it, and that's end of story.

Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, there's no way you're changing my mind.