Downhill Bunker Shot

Downhill bunker shots are difficult, unless your name is Gerina Piller. Watch and learn her technique that produces a consistent result.

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Gerina Piller Bunker Play Downhill Lie


So you just went for this green in two and a ball just crept in and you've left yourself with this nasty downhill lie. You don't have any green to work with. What are you going to do?

Hitting hope, No, I'm just kidding. So same as the up slope.

Except the other way.

Other way. And I think a lot of people forget about that is you really have to get this way. And again, on the up slope our weight was back, now it's going to be a little forward. Which means your bottom of your swing is going to move a little backwards. So you don't really want to play it as front as we've played the regular wood shot.

That's kind of scary for people too, I would think.

It is very scary.

A down hill lie, ball up front feels like you're going to just bang it right into this lip here.

Yes. So what I like to do is get a pretty good wide base and be pretty lenient with how far left you go so you have room. You need room for your hands to come low.

So if your foot's here, for example, you can't go real left.

Right. And so I'm going to get pretty wide and, as you can see, the ball is middle to middle back, which is pretty far back to my bunker shots because I play it so far forward. Open up the face and keeping my weight to the left side and really holding that face as open for as long as possible to try to get that ball up.

That was good. Really good. You've got to be realistic too, right? I mean, at some point when you get in this situation you might have to go here or you might have to go there. You've got to be able to equate whether this is doable.

Right. This is great sand so it allows us to got a little more at it. But I don't know if you've noticed this watching, you really need to stay centered.

You don't change your horizon either.

Right. There's not a lot of lateral movement, as well. As I take it back I'm not moving more forward, I'm not going backwards.

Just circular, right?

It's more, like I said, it's a lot of torso.