Gerina Piller: Basics Of Chipping

Chipping requires fundamentals that results in consistency. Check out Gerina Piller's basic approach to her chipping game.

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Gerina Piller Chipping The Motion Hinging Chipping Setup


I like to get a little open, small stance.

Little feet, yep.

I like to preset the impact position. So this is kind of what I want to look like at impact. So I'm just going to leave my legs there. And I'm going to open it just a tad. And from there I want to use a lot of my big muscles and take my hands out of it.

Yep, we talked about that in putting, of course. We want our hands under control. But, in your case, you like to follow the pivot, the pivot.


You're a pivot control player.

Yes. And the lower body as still as possible, just kind of feel like you're almost cemented into the ground from the waist down.

Waist down.

And you can still, you know, turn your torso. And then from there, it's just a simple move of the torso and the back muscles.


Yeah, that was pure, that one. So if I was going to summarize what you do, you have small feet. You preset the position. And you use your pivot. And that takes away a lot of freak out for people, because everybody's worried about miss hitting it.

Right. Right.

And you give a little bit away with the forward lean on the height, but you spin.


So that's OK.

Correct. And I'm more of a leading edge chipper which that means that your hands have to be ahead of the club, winning the race. And if this is the finish line, my club is behind the finish line, but my hands are in front of the finish line.

And you basically just keep that there the whole way.

Yes. Yes, unless you need to get a little more height or a little more spin. And then that depends on whether your hands are going to be a little more active.