Gerina Piller: Chipping Off Tight Lie (Part 1)

Gerina Piller explains her chipping technique from a tight lie which requires a steady head and body (Part 1).

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Gerina Piller Chipping The Motion Chipping Setup


This is a little stressful right here.

Oh, yeah.

We've got to go over the sand. This is pretty much amateur's nightmare. Men and women. I put you even on the tightest grass. It's almost like a putting green turf. What comes to mind right out of the gate?

As far as technique for this, obviously, it's a tight lie, so the bounce isn't going to be--

Not useful, right?

Very useful at all.


And so for me, I told you earlier that I lead with my hands.


On this one, you don't really want to have the club that far behind my hands, because it delofts the club. So what I'm going to do, play it a little forward. I'm not going to have as much forward press. And when it's forward, I'm just leaving my hands where it'd normally be.

If I was chipping, my hands are the same spot, just the ball moves.


And so I'm going to open it just a tad. My hands are pretty, it's pretty straight. And really what I'm going to focus on, is returning that club back here.

No lean, no negative.

No lean, no negative.

And you're going to do that not with the hands? Are you going to do it with the body and the hands combo?

Body. But if I, and I'm going to make sure the toe goes down just a tad.

We talked about that. You're saying that that toe, instead of the toe recocking up there, you want to try to keep it down.



Again, pre-setting, opening my stance.

Well, yeah. That was pretty easy.


What I'm seeing here with that toe down, where toe stays down, it keeps that club in the ground pretty good and it seems to me like you didn't hit that one 100% pure, but the reason it still went good was the toe kept going down and it just kept--


Kept the ball, kept the club face doing what you want.


See, it doesn't have to be el pure.