Gerina Piller: Chipping Off Tight Lie (Part 2)

Gerina Piller explains her chipping technique from a tight lie which requires a steady head and body (Part 2).

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Gerina Piller Chipping The Motion Chipping Setup


My coach-- Alex Mercer in Australia-- he chipped a lot like you. He's one of the greatest chippers ever. He chipped low with a lot of spin. You don't have to be way up if you have control of the ball pretty good. And you have a real, like, real sound technique for it, right? You don't have to be sky high.


In fact, like, Phil Mickelson-- who has those killer shots-- he's kind of stopped doing that now because Dave Peltz convinced him that this was better odds to play low and with spin.

For sure, for sure. It's more consistent, I feel. So again--



Little feet.

My hands are still in the same-- notice that my hands are still in the same position, no matter where I put the ball. It's here, it's here.


It just depends on where I'm putting the ball.


So I'm really focusing on setting my spine angle here--


And I'm just going to rotate around it. We don't want any of this, we don't want any of this. Why? Because it moves the bottom of your swing.

Yeah-- so if you move this way you'll fat it, if you move that way, you'll skull it.

On this type of lie, you want your-- the bottom of your swing to be very consistent.

Big spin there. Whoa, there it is. And I think, you know, will be able to appreciate it from this view how far left are you are. Now it's nothing for you, because you're used to it. But it gives-- you've got so much room. You know, when I see where you're standing there, you've got so much room to keep this toe going down.


The targets over there.

Because I can do it as much as possible and I don't have to worry about not-- getting underneath it too much because I have that sideward spin. And I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm a little taller on this one.

Just a little.

In the sand, I want to be a little--

Yeah, you were down lower.

Because I wanted to use the bounce.


I'm a little taller, so that it kind of uses this--

Catch more of the toe area.


And you know, Phil Rogers told me once-- and I'm sure you'll agree, once I tell you. If the toe is up a little bit-- if you did hit it fat, the restriction-- it keeps opening the face. If you're down in here and you hit the toe first, it's going to close it.


So if you're on-- he told me one thing-- big takeaway from Phil Rogers was if the toe is up or the toe-- the heel is up, if you catch it fat, it keeps opening the face.


It keeps that way.

Right. And it just really-- it doesn't allow for more of a U like we talked about. On this type of shot, you really don't want your club to be in the ground very-- a lot. You want to be--

Down. Yeah.

A little more angle of attack and a little left face open to get that extra spin. Because it's such a short shot. See, that was a lower one.

But big spin.

However, ton of spin.

Yeah, she's got that shot pretty good.