Gerina Piller: Toe Down Chipping

Gerina Piller has one specific rule that she sticks to when she's chipping. Check out her secret.

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Gerina Piller Chipping The Motion Hinging


Show me that shot you do with the toe down that you work on with your coach.

So that one is going to be a little more spin. Say this green, as I'm landing on the down slope it's a little quicker. What I'm going to do is open it up and going to have a little wrist hinge, a little more than normal. And really focus on the speed at the ball and it's going to be left.

And you noted that on the downswing on a real golf swing the toe comes up. This one you try to take the toe--

Under. Yes.

Show that. Explain that again because that's really interesting.

So you want to let the toe go down and so basically the club is going underneath the ball and it's going left, so I'm creating kind of spin back--

Like a ping pong player.


So you want this toe to go down.

Yes. And the only way to do that is to swing it left this way. We can't really swing it left this way because what's going to get to the ball.

Yeah. You're going to shank it.

Yeah. The no-no.


We call that the lateral.


So I'm going to aim a little left. That one's a little higher.

But you cut right under that.

But it's nice and soft.

Yeah. That's nice.

And that could definitely be because of setup. If I wanted to do it a little lower I'm not going to open it up as much.

More forward lean, still a lot of throw.

And that's a little lower, a little more check.

I can't wait to hit that shot. That reminds me of a shot I've lost.