Gerina Piller: Impact Alignment

Check out Gerina Piller explain what impact alignment and the importance of it for consistent shot making.


I always say, like if you had a tree right here, how would you hit that tree? You wouldn't go like this.


You would take this club, and you drag it past it. And then you would-- boom-- you would hit it.

There you go. Now you're talking.

And so I tried to explain that to people, because you wouldn't imagine how athletic someone could be, and then they grab a golf club, and it just goes out the window.

Oh, I know. Exactly. So you're explaining what we already know, of course, and what you should know. Go ahead, setup.

So impact for you, right, is-- so yeah, it's going to--

Like this.

From your view, it feels like the club is outside of your shoe there, right?


That would be in back, and then separation when it separates. There's separation. That's vertical right there. OK?

That looks forward to you, though. That's the illusion.


That's the illusion. That's all that is. But you already have that. But if you were teaching someone, you would say-- we teach people all the time. That's what the impact should feel like to them. Cover that. That's what it looks like to them.

From the far angle.

That's what they think it is. You know what I'm saying?


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