Gerina Piller: Speed At The Ball

Considered one of the great driver and striker of the ball on the tour, check out how Gerina Piller monitors her speed at impact.

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Gerina Piller


What's going on down in the hidden area?

I try to take it back, let it set, finish your back swing, I'm sure people have heard that. Finish your back swing, and then from there start down, and that's when the recoil or, I guess recoil would be a good word, it starts to happen. And as soon as it lets out, it's like taking a spring and twisting it the opposite way and then you let it go and it goes, pew, and it goes back to itself. So when you take it up, finish the back swing, then I start down. And right as I start down, that's when the torque happens. And at the ball I just want to be pew, just throw all the speed right there and then be done.

And by the way, your swing looks exactly like that too. You look like you get up there and you set it, you wait, your patient, then you give it the treatment.

And I love that I look that way because sometimes that is what I struggle with is I take it back too fast, which until my transition--

Then you can't see it.

I mean, if this is going back fast, you've got to stop it at some point. And the only way to really stop it is to start going this way. Well, once you start back quick and you're already going this way and you're not finished with your back swing, then everything late.

Out of sync.

Yes. And now you've got to realign your hands and timing and it just disaster.

We don't want that.

No, we don't. And so as I was going back to having a recoil, when your speed is not in the right spot then you'll tend to look like this. Because your momentum is still out here.

It just looked all the same almost. Not real bang right at the bar.

Instead of having to take it back. And you should build a hold your finish because you're done with your swing. You've already let out all the speed that you have.

All the energy right in the right spot.

Right. I mean, I kind of relate it to having some keys on a lanyard. And I'm sure everyone's swung it around their fingers or something. You're not swinging your hands like this to make it go around. What are you doing? You're swinging the keys, right? So these are your keys, this is your lanyard. And you're trying to make this fast and not this. So that is kind of the philosophy.

This is surface speed and we want momentum speed, right?

Right. Exactly. Exactly. So if I have to have that extra gear, I'm sure we'll talk about it with my driver, I really focus on everything slower except for at the ball. And that allows me to get that speed at the ball.