Gerina Piller: Four Ball Drill

Check out coach Mike Wright discuss the Four Ball Drill, Gerina Piller's favorite drill.

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Are there any drills you gave her? Any drills at all?

I think the most recent one is a challenge that-- to me, the biggest part of being a good teacher and a good teammate for somebody like Gerina is to help them help themselves. Because I don't think you can depend on somebody being with you all the time.

And so recently, the challenges I've given her-- and she responds to these challenges. I don't know about this one yet. But she responds, OK? So I'll just rattle for a minute.

I challenged her to make 100 six-foot putts when we first got together every single time she goes to the golf course. And it wasn't long before she was making 100 in a row day after day after day, right? And challenging her to get the ball to the hole when she's putting, and not be afraid of great consequences, and having her admit those kind of things, and just doing drills to get the ball to the hole.

But recently, with ball striking, I have encouraged her to, on the road, instead of just being out there hitting ball after ball after ball, letting good thought creep in or bad thought creep, and hope you leave in good feeling, hit 15 or 20 shots trying to create the shot pattern that you want.

And then, what I would call would be a four-ball drill. Stop what you're doing, and hit a big, high draw that doesn't end up left of the target. And then hit a low fade that doesn't end up right. And hit a low draw that doesn't end up left. And then hit a high fade that doesn't end up right. And you're trying to do each shot within three. So eventually, some day you get them on the very first try. It only takes you four shots.

And so the purpose behind that is so that, number one, you get more confidence in your shotmaking, but number two, you can pull off a shot anytime you need to the first try on the course.

And you start thinking about seeing more. You see more.

And then you can fix your own problems. If you get out there and you just can't get that ball going right to left, or whatever, well, you know the things you need to do to get that going.

So those are the more playful kind of creative things that we do on occasion.

No crazy mechanisms.

No gadgets.

No gadgets.

Not very often.