Gerina Piller: Shot Shape Drill

Gerina Piller, known for her ball strking, demonstrates one drill she works on continuously - The Shot Shape Drill.


This range is something else here, isn't it?

That's the beauty.

You hit over the bunkers and stuff like that. You're hitting up to that green almost. That's great.

Any shot-- any shot you want to work on, you know. If you-- lots of targets. I personally am not big on hitting to pins because--

Too specific?

I mean, it gives you no room for error.

Yeah, exactly.

You can sit on the range and try to hit at a pin. You're like, oh, I pushed it. Oh, I pulled it. Oh, it's over the tree. And you're so critical. And it's like, when you're at a-- when you're on the golf course, you are aiming at a pin but you have a green.

Yeah. And sometimes you're delighted to be 30 feet, right?



And that's OK, you know?

Correct. And I think, going to the range, it's great to have sessions where, like Mike talked about, we used to play this game-- it was actually really fun-- that I would set up to it normal, and as I was taking it back, he would shout out--

What to hit?

--a shot. High draw. And I would have to mid-swing make it happen. And--

Dave Stockton used to do that in clinics.

Yeah. It was great. I mean, because it just made you be athletic. And I feel like sometimes we take our athleticism out of golf, and we try to be such a robot. So perfect where-- you're not always going to have a perfect lie, a perfect wind, a perfect day. It's all-- there's so many variables and you can't put a constant on a bunch of variables.

Yeah. I mean, you're talking-- you're talking my lingo.