Gerina Piller: Driver Swing

Known for consistency and power off the tee, Gerina Piller demonstrates how she swings differently with the driver.


Oh, yeah. Do you tee it up like super high, super medium?

Super medium.

Right there somewhere.

Super medium. No, but I do tee it accordingly.

You go lower or higher?

I like to err on the lower side because I hit down on it and I'm not much of a sweeper or upswing type of player. So I also have kind of like a shot that goes a lot for when it's cold out, it's rainy. I have rain jackets on, I have layers on, I can't take my full turn and that one's just I tee it a little lower and just really try to stay connected and have good tempo and rhythm.

Is this your favorite club in the bag, the driver?

It is.

Your a long hitter. Almost as long as Lexi.

She's got some yardage on me on some years. And some gym time.

You got too many candles on your cake, is that what you're saying?

I just wanted to say that to somebody younger than me.

I've got a little cake to go with my candles.