Gerina Piller: Equipment - Driver

Gerina Piller discusses the specs of her driver shaft and clubhead.


New driver.

New driver. Smashing it. PXGO811 spear Fujikura platinum shaft. I usually use a Mitsubishi-- I can't remember what the old one was. It was a white shaft. And so this is a new shaft that I put in this year and I absolutely love it. I love the feel.

Are you like me? You just don't care anymore about shafts, just as long as the machine tells you what's great then your great?

The machine and the feel. I like to go off feel. A lot of people always pick on my driver and they always say it's really light. I believe this shaft is a 55 gram.

Is that right?

Yeah. It's a 5S. And so I like my driver to feel lighter so that I can-- I feel like if it's heavier I feel like I'm kind of, I have a trailer. And when it's lighter I feel I can get it moving quicker.

I would say that that's unusual. I wouldn't have thought this was 55 coming off the really heavy in the irons, but you get down on them pretty good.


But this one, you smoke this. This is big time driver for you.

It is big time. It's a good one when your caddie is standing on the range the first tournament of the year and he's like, did you get a backup for this?

Not yet.