Gerina Piller: Equipment - Lucky Charm

Everyone needs some luck. See what Gerina Piller keeps in her bag to find good vibes.

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Is there anything else in the bag that you want to share with us, superstitions like a Teddy bear or anything?

No. I do always have--

Because some of our players have letters from fans. Some of them have, you know--

I do keep a special yardage book. I don't really-- my Solheim Cup. It's usually the Solheim Cup.

You really should be proud of the Solheim Cup, because you saved the American team there. But that meant a lot to you.

It did.

It gave you a lot of confidence.

I definitely have never won a tournament before. And to win that as a team and to play for your country. I just--

But you were the anchor, the anchor. You were the one that did it.

Yeah, so this yardage book is from our International Crown. We won that. I usually hang on to my Solheim Cup yardage book covers just a kind of motivation. I tell myself I can't replace it until I get the one--

The next one.

--the next one.

and you're going to be--

Same with my--

You're going to be leaving here to go to a Solheim Cup sort of pre-warm up type thing.

Yeah, we're going to hang out with the team. Just do a little team bondage and get to know the girls that may possibly be on the team that have not played with us before, and, you know, just have some fun.

You bet.