Gerina Piller: Equipment - Wedges

Gerina Piller has several different wedges in her bag. Check out the specs and why she chose these particular wedges.


You're a PXG player, obviously. I have never seen the wedges before. Why don't you tell us your shortest club is your 58?

Yes, it is my little sweethearts in here. This is a 58 degree wedge with nine degree of bounce.

Nine degree.

I usually don't mess a lot with the bounce or anything. All my irons, I play an N.S. Pro 950GH stiff shaft. It's a Nippon Shaft.

Is a lively shaft or does it have a characteristic that you like about that shaft?

It's just pretty-- It's lighter than what I used-- I went from a 120 gram shaft. This is a 95 gram shaft. It lets me fill the club head a lot more and know where it's at. Obviously, with the wedges, the heads are a little heavier. And so that definitely gives me the feeling that I'm looking for with the wedge.

So you're one the last few that ever played with 120. Not many lady players play with 120 heavy. You're strong, right? So that's the 58. So what's next, 54?


Do you change your bounce on this one?

This just goes up degree, 10 degree of bounce. I believe this one is bent a little strong. So I believe it's a 53, just to get the gap between my 54 and my 50 and also my pitching wedge.

You don't sort of stress about how far you hit these, because you've got all kind of shots, right? You not like this is my 102 club.

You know, I know what it is. This is my 90, 95, shot 105, 115, 125. And they go up in increments of 10 from there.

10 from there.

But like I said earlier, I don't like to hit my wedges full. If it's a max for 58, I'll take the 54. It's just a lot more controlled. Tighter balls fly a little lower. And I like to do that. It just gives me a good rhythm.

You're one of the-- probably spin the ball as much as anyone on the LPGA, would that be true?

Yeah, I definitely get some good spin. I hit down on it--


--quite a bit.

You hit down hard.


And you're really good. But you have a lot of control over your ball. So in the wedges for people to know when you're driving them, that's when you get super control, right here.


And the struggle then is that you don't want to hit down on your driver, of course. But you know that. And you work on that.

But the good thing with technology is I do hit down on my drivers. So you can get a shaft in a head--

That helps it.

--loft and lie that definitely complements that.

So the pitching wedge. Won't you tell us about-- they're the standard PXG. Is there a particular model?

Yes, these are just the 0311s. There are three models. 0311 is just your standard iron, nothing crazy about it.

No off set.

No. It has a tiny bit of offset. There is a 0311T which is more of a player club. I'd say, I'm not that good to hit those clubs. They're a little thinner top line, bottom line a little smaller. And so those are the 0311Ts. I have 0311s.