Gerina Piller: Equipment - Woods

Gerina Piller discusses the specs of her woods and what she looks for to produce length and consistency.

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Gerina Piller Equipment Shafts Fairway Woods Club Specs


Your favorite club--


--the PXG 5-Wood. Is that the true-- it's a little weaker than the 18.

It's weaker than 18. Yes.

What shaft do you have in there?

The graphite design, Tour AD GGA-6S. I've had lots of success with this shaft, whether it be in drivers, woods.

And what's the company that you like to go to get them pured?

Cool Clubs.

You're big on that.

I am.

Yeah, it's just--

Tell us what Cool Clubs is.

Cool Clubs is basically you can go there, and get fitted for any manufacturer there. You can try Taylor Made, Callaway, PXG, and every shaft company.

And they take it one step further by--

They do.

--matching the shaft for you.

Yes. So for me, my irons need to be about-- they go for frequencies. And my irons are about a 4.2. And so they can cut the shafts so that they're exactly 4.2, every single one.

They can make everything 4.2.

Exactly. And so, I just love that. It just gives me a good sense of confirmation that my clubs are correct.

Yeah, it's just the whole bag is balanced and uniform, and everything, right?

Yes, so this is my bread and butter here. We keep that baby around.

We saw you demonstrate. This is another graphite design.


3-Wood, PXG.

This is a new 3-Wood PXG. It's the X series. They just launched that March 29.

But again, it's obviously not the exact same graphite design, but you have a different head. So you're not going be able to put the same shaft in a different head, and expect the same result.

So you have to-- so that's what that company does, that puring, that puring that they'll find the shaft that makes it swing just like all the others.

Correct. And you can kind of-- you give them feedback. I like a shaft that it kind of gives me a sense of feeling the clubhead, like releasing at the bottom. So it would probably have a high kick point.