Gerina Piller: Breaking Down The Swing

Gerina Piller and her golf coach Mike Wright breaks down her swing mechanics.


Mike, it sounds like she keeps it pretty simple. The swing, you don't have to think about it too much for you? Or just those couple of things?

I run a lot off of feeling. I don't do as well off of looking at my swing and trying to hit a certain position. I like to do a lot of what I feel, and what the ball is doing. If I can feel a certain way, and that produces a certain shot, that's when I feel like I play my best golf.

Talk all about those feelings. I wish I'd started taking notes when I first met Gerina of all the cute sayings she has for her contact, and her contact with the ground and the ball. I mean, it's her own vocabulary. And I started to learn a little bit about it.

But she has big smash.

Right, pretty solid.

For LPGA players, they generally don't dig a big hole, right?


They have less lean on the shaft. She has all those attributes that come with a great striker, right?

Well, I think a big part of that, she's strong, naturally very strong. And you can see one of the assets we don't hardly even talk about is how good her lower body stays stationary, and she swings right on top of it. And she built some natural torque, both with the ground and in her core, that creates a lot of speed. And that speed is maximized by the fact that she's athletic and has also pretty long arms. So those are put together are some really strong natural attributes, with great hand-eye coordination.

So if people are watching this channel, is there a type of a swing that Gerina has that you would sort of classify? She's a pretty much pivot-driven swing, right?


Kind of a strong-ish grip-- -ish.

We've really not even ever talked about her grip just because she could do whatever she wants with the club face with that grip anyway. So it hadn't been necessary to talk about that.

Right, I'm just observing that strong-ish-- she's not strong, strong-ish. But she hits down on her heavy. But it looks pivot-driven to me.

Yeah, no doubt about it. And it's more than one kind of pivot though. I mean, to me she has natural pivot in her right foot with the ground. She has a little bit more leverage in her knee. You can see she doesn't bend her knees very much.

And her hips are really, really fast on the downswing, so it's a rotating swing. And on occasion, we have to talk about her maybe hanging back just a little bit. But I probably haven't talked about that in a long time and not very much.