Gerina Piller: Being Introduced To Golf

Check out Gerina Piller discuss how she found golf as a youngster.

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You were a good athlete in high school. What other sports did you play?

I actually grew up--

New Mexico, right?

New Mexico. I was-- my mom was a single parent with three kids. I have two older brothers. And loved sports. She couldn't really, you know, take us everywhere we needed to go. So if I wanted to play sports, I played with my brothers. So she just dropped me off with them. I played on their basketball team. I played baseball.

Baseball was my first love. I was a pitcher and catcher and played from when I was five years old to 12 years old, and I just fell in love with the game. And I honestly thought I was going to be the first girl in MLB, or if that didn't work out, I was going to be the first girl that was an NFL kicker.


Yeah. You could kick too?

Well, I thought I could, I guess.

Thought you could.

I wasn't a very good soccer player, so I think that kind of ended that hope.

So where did golf jump in there?

You know, I was playing Little League baseball all summer, and there was a couple that wanted to teach me to play golf. So my grandparents went out, bought me a Wilson five-club set from Wal-Mart. I still remember it to this day. It was red, and I think it had like a 9 iron, 7 iron, 5 iron, 3 wood, and driver, maybe a putter. And they wanted to teach me to play golf. Never called.

And so whenever I got to middle school, eighth grade year, going into high school, I mean, I played everything. I played soccer, ran track, volleyball, basketball. I was a cheerleader one year. And I know. It's not my fonder days.

Not what you're known for.

Not one of my most proud moments. But you know, my mom had remarried since then, and my dad, he's like, why don't you try golf? And I'm thinking, boring. That's so lame. And so he was like, well, it's kind of like baseball. So you know, the lights went off. And I'm like, baseball, really? They're like, yeah, you just-- you just kind of take it like this, and you swing it. And I was kind of like, all right. That's cool, I guess. So we went out and played and just kind of fell in love with the game.