Gerina Piller: 2nd Gear With Driver

Gerina Piller has a second gear when she needs to hit the ball farther with a driver. Check out how she produces the power and speed in her swing.


I'm going to get you to demonstrate two drivers. The first one will be just a run of the mill down the fairway and this one I want you to show me top gear extra 20.

OK. For this one, obviously, swinging within myself take that literally. I want to make sure I have a good turn, finish my back swing, stay within myself, using the ground as leverage and really focusing on laying that club face on the ball for a solid contact.

Beauty. I can't imagine you hitting one much better than that one. That was a beauty, wasn't it? That's got nice acoustics. We talked about that. That's nice acoustics. We're going to tell everybody what you have in all this stuff here.

This is my young gun swing that only comes up maybe once every four months or else I'd be put out of commission. So if I got a runway to go and I'm down wind and it's just green light all the way, I like to tee it up a little higher. Most people think they're automatically either hearts go on like, I'm just going to take this back and rip it.

Like the long drive guys.

Yes. That is not what I picture at all. If anything, I go a little slower, I'm a little wider, and I really try to focus on loading into that torque and having that power right at the ball.

Just a lighter snap, right?

Yes. So I'm going to have a little more shoulder tilt, as you can see.

So you can make it bigger, deeper, wider.

Bigger launch, higher, and just a little slower on the back swing so I get everything synced up.

That was a good one, wasn't it?

Thank you. Yeah. Like I said, once every four months.