Gerina Piller: Aim vs. Roll Over Point (Part 1)

Gerina Piller explains the differnece in aim vs. a roll over point in her putts (Part 1).


So I usually like to pick an intermediate target. And I think this is where amateurs get confused with reading putts. And I see it a lot in our pro-ams. You can pick a spot-- intermediate target where you want it to roll over or where you want to start it. Because I don't think it can be the same thing unless it's a straight putt.


You feel-- rolling with with me?

I am. So--

Because if you pick--

I'm going to get you to explain it. So let's use this right here.


Yeah. That's your-- that's going to be your high point? That's an aiming point right there.

I use is as an aiming point.

Aiming point.

All my spots are aiming points. So your aiming point is right here, you can't roll it over this and make the putt. So if you want to pick something that you roll it over, it's going to have to be more like this.

That's what I do.

And you want to roll it.

I want to-- I tell my amateurs whatever you doing here, it has to go over that leaf right there.

Right. So technically, you would be aiming more left of that.

Yes because by the time it got there--

In some instances. Yes.

There you go. So what you're saying is--

I'm more of an aimer-atter. If that makes any sense.

Leave that there for a second because that's interesting. I'm glad you said that because I would tell a guy-- and you're going to confirm this-- this is-- you have to-- your ball has to go over that to get in. But it'll be above that until he gets to here.

Yeah. Yeah. That's what you're saying.

Yes. I don't think people-- like, you have to specify, you know, is this my aiming point or is this where I'm rolling it over?


Because there's a huge difference.


It only works if your aiming point and your rolling over point is at the apex of the break.

Not to confuse an amateur completely-- if we said your ball, indeed, has to go over that to go in this hole and it would have to track a little higher than that because it's breaking-- so, right?


So what do you-- what do you then tell them? So somewhere-- imagine what it would take on this turf to go over that.

Correct. Yes. I would just tell, you know, when I do a lot of pro-ams, I like to tell the amateurs where to aim. And I think when they look at it, they're thinking, like, oh my gosh. That's a lot of break.


That's-- I can't vision my ball going to that and then making a right hand turn or left hand turn. And so I don't think there's a lot of thinking of rolling over your spot and aiming somewhere because of the slope. It's going to either miss your spot-- right or left-- depending on where your spot is in your putt.