Gerina Piller: Aim vs. Roll Over Point (Part 2)

Gerina Piller explains the differnece between aim vs a rolling over point on the green with her putts (Part 2).


We're going to go over this one more time about where you aim. And you know it better than anyone, so you say it again.

OK. So there's a difference between where you aim your ball and where it rolls over. The only time it is the same target is when that spot is at the apex of--

The line.

The line. The break.

So in this case, and the people back there can see that we've got to go fade, right?


And I may be close, but you're saying basically that if this is your high point--


--to get it to go over that high point, it's got to be higher than that.


That's what you're saying.

Unless your high point is where your spot is.

Which would be a straight putt, wouldn't it? Or could be. It could be.

It could be. Or say, like, if this ball mark was the highest my ball was going to break, that's my aim point and where it's going to roll over.

But if you are picking one down here further--

Correct. That's where it might be.

It's going to be outside of that.

Correct. Correct.

So for clarification, let's say for you to make that putt, is that in the game at all to go through that gate to get in the hole? Pretty close?

Yes. Maybe just a touch left. It needs to go right. Yeah.

Somewhere in there?


For your ball to go in that hole, it's got to go through that gate.


All the rest of the green is irrelevant, right?


Now, what we're saying is there's going to be a high point somewhere back here that will be the highest point of this rainbow. Yes?


Where would that high point be? OK?

It's where I believe that I'm--

I'm going to see if this leaf will stay.

--going to aim.

So this is the highest point of the rainbow, which is actually higher than the gate.

Right. So what we're saying is I'm going to aim-- that is, my aim point is going to be different than where I want it to roll. Do you see the difference? My aim point is left of where I'm picking to roll it. So it's two different things.

We just want to make sure that they are clear. Because obviously, if you aim at the gate from where you are right now, the ball's going to miss down here, right?

Yes. But I missed my aim spot on the right, and I missed it right.

Let's get one through the gate and in the hole here maybe. That would be kind of cool.

So demanding, isn't he?


Oh, come on!

Come on! So aim point is somewhere in here. Big speed, right?

Can we move the gate?

Move the gate. Big speed.

We got man speed.

Man speed. Pretty close.