Gerina Piller: Equipment - Putter

Gerina Piller discusses the specs of her putter and what she looks for in a putter.

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Gerina Piller Equipment Putter


This guy, he goes way back. This is a tailor-made counterbalance Spider Blade. I don't know if they still make this type.

The swing's nice.

It just has a great feel to it.

Like 30 inches--

I just feel like it--

--or 32 or something?

It's probably 32. I feel like it just kind of-- the counterbalance kind of gets everything moving as a whole piece and it's not the head or the hands or anything like that. So it was just one of those things where I was kind of going through putter changes. And it was in the bag on the putting green.

And I'm like, oh, this feels good. And the rep really wasn't crazy about me trying it. And I just said, forget you. I'm just going to put it in my bag, and it hasn't left since.

That's fantastic.

So this is the famous Solheim Cup putt maker.