Gerina Piller: Making 3 Footers

Check out what steps Gerina Piller takes to make 3 foot putts, especially under pressure situation during a tournament.

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When it comes down to 3-, 4-footers--

You've got to make a lot of these on Fridays anyway.


Every day we have to make putts, but Fridays are a little stressful on the tour for all of us. We want to make the cut, and we want to make sure we've got money. So we invariably, as we're trying to creep up the board, we finish up with-- Seems like you finish up with more 3-footers--


--that mean more on Fridays.


Is there that something you do?

There is. It's one of those lengths that it's a very awkward length, that it's just long enough to make you feel uncomfortable, but it's short enough to make you feel like you should make them all the time. And so, at the start of professional career, they were just like the dreaded putts. Like, oh don't hit at 3 feet. Not a 3-footer.


You know, a 3-footer you just don't want to have. This one breaks a touch to the left.

Looks like a little right, left, yeah.

What I like to do is, that really helps me is, not peeking.

Oh, yeah.

Because you kind of want to get it over with, and you want to see if he made it or not. So you have a tendency to kind of like, oh, I've got to look.

Yeah. So you stay real still?

I try to stay real still, and hear the ball go in on 3-footers. So we'll get up here, and just really trust your line, and trust your stroke. As easy as it is, it's really hard. And really, just see the ball going into the hole. If it's still a little longer than I'm comfortable with, say like there's a piece of grass, or something right here.


I know that if I roll it over that--

It's going in.

--it's going to go in.


I don't move any of that stuff either, when I'm on tour, if I had something close to me.

Yeah, I probably wouldn't either, if it was a piece of grass or something. And as far as speed, you're so close that you're most likely not going to leave this short.


And so I'm like, if I can just get it over--


--that grass, that's going to go in.