Gerina Piller: Psychology Of Putting

The mind and the putter must work together. See how Gerina Piller finds the balance.


And I a lot of it has to do with your attitude towards it, and you do it subconsciously. Like, instead of a right-to-lefter-- it happens a lot, I see, with a left-to-righter because you don't want to miss it low, you know? The pro side.

And so instead of focusing on-- don't miss this left, your mind doesn't register, don't. Your mind reads left. And so I've really been trying to focus on, OK, where do I want this ball to go in? Where do I want it to roll over? How do I want to make it? And it gets me away from-- don't do this. Or, you know, make sure you miss it high. And it's like, you're telling yourself to miss it?

Yeah, right.

Like, no. You're telling-- like, tell yourself where you want to make it.

Where you want to make it.

Or how you want how you want to make it.


And I-- and I catch myself, because I sometimes do that subconsciously. Because when you have a big breaker, you know, like, oh, get this high enough. You know, you don't want it to tail off. What if it tails off left? Or, you know, instead of being like-- this is my read. I'm convicted about this, and this is where I'm gonna hit it and roll it. And that's all you can do. The rest is out of your control.