Gerina Piller: Putting Grip

Check out Gerina Piller explain her cross-handed putting grip.


You talked a little bit about your cross-handed grip. Tell us how you get your grip on there.

The way I hold it with my right hand is similar to how I hold my regular golf grip.


So I put it on there. And again, where I'm comfortable. You know a lot of people-- you know, with your Vs, point to your shoulder.

Putting, not so much. Doesn't matter, right?

Correct. Get my right hand on. And then after that, just where my left hand falls. Same pad, and I lift up the forefinger on my right hand and lay it across--

Lay it across, yeah.

--here. And that really allows-- so basically, the putter is laying in my fingers.

I see.

There's nothing, you know-- I can hold it this way. I can hold it this way.

Yeah, you're--

It's definitely not in the palms. I always thought of it as, you know, a surgeon-- I don't know if-- I'm sure everyone hasn't had surgery, but a surgeon doesn't hold the scalpel like this and come at you, you know? He holds it in the fingertips because he or she wants to be, you know--

That's right.

--finesse and have some touch. And so, as far as grip pressure, I like to hold it but not squeeze it and not let it be floppy. I want to have control over the head. Just because with lag putting or whatever, the face can turn and whatnot. And I like to keep that as square as possible.