Gerina Piller: Orientation Of The Hat

Gerina Piller shares how she uses her hat to help her with setup and alignment at address.


You said something earlier today that I wanted to remind you of that you do something with your hat, it's kind of a little trick that you've got to help you stay aligned. Is that right?

I do. You know, it's one of those things where it can often get overlooked. And then you can get-- if you start hitting like a slice, before you know it you're aimed off in Timbuktu over here and you don't even know it. Which is essentially making you slice it even more because your mind knows the target's on the right and you're pointed left.

And so this is just things that I try to be aware of when I practice. Again, that is why we practice. You can have someone help you line up, or you can do sticks, I don't know how you choose to make sure you're lying correctly. Sometimes I use sticks. But I get a good vision of-- if I look at the target, you're looking down and say the tree-- see the tree almost the left--

You're going for the tree, yeah?

Left edge of this? I guess I can start over here and tell you I pick my intermediate target, set my club down.

So you do Jack Nicklaus like an intermediate.

Yes. And as I sat down, and you know for a fact on the practice tee that you're aligned correctly, then that's when you start being conscious of your surroundings and your body. And what I mean by that is when you look down, look where everything is around you.

Peripheral orientation.

Yes. You can see where this is, you can see where your feet are, you can see where your shoulders are. I can see a little bit of my left shoulder, not so much of my right shoulder. And when I look here, there's a gap between my shoulder and my hat. And I can tell you right where the flag is every time. And it's kind of just left of the corner of my hat. And I kind of use that as--


Orientation, correct.

More or less it's a friend when it's the in spot, but when it's not you might step out and say, hey, wait a second, something's not right in my bubble here.

Right. And sometimes you have to move that spot because you may have to aim right of the flag, maybe it's slope, wind, or something. But you have to pick something that is right to the flag that you get in that. Because if you let your mind still look at the flag, your mind's going to know that the flag is over there and not where you are aimed.

I see. So you've just taught yourself that?

Yes. And it's just over time-- my tendency is to get right.

Aim right.

Aim right. Because I want to--

That makes the club come out, which you're trying to go back to the left, which makes you go further right.

Yes. And so I have to be very conscious of my shoulders.

I go left. I go way left.

Yeah. So I tend to overcook things. So if I'm aim way right, pretty soon I'm aim way left. So my caddy's just like, hey, you got to gather yourself, bring it on back.

Rein it back in here.

Let's just pump the brakes, speedy, will it on in, let's start over. Put the club back in the bag and let's start over.