Gerina Piller: Torso Alignment

Lining up correctly in setupis crucial for success. See how Gerina Piller keeps her torso in line.


Go ahead and set one up. I'll show you something that I do like about your swing or your setup.

I don't want to know what you don't like.

Your setup. Your setup.

I like-- I really like this joint, elbow, front of the knee, and then the middle of the shoe right here. And hers lines up-- yours lines up perfect that way, so it looks like this, right?

So from your view, when you set up, it's through there, elbow, front of the knee, and in the balls or the foot. That make-- that person's perfectly balanced.

In other words, if this is back, he's going to do that. If it's over-- do you know what I'm saying?


So these weighted joints are all stacked on top, like a bridge. That's what you have.

And high hands for you wouldn't-- you'd be out of whack with that.

Yeah, no. I don't think like high hands.