Gerina Piller: High Draw

Hitting high draws require some knowhow. Check out what Gerina Piller does in her swing to hit it consistently.


What are we going to do for a high draw? You've hit this down the left side of the fairway. You've got 165 yards to the green. You've got a 7-Iron. You've got a tree that's 80 yards in front of you, but it's a big tree. And you've got a nice lie. And the pin's around to the left.

So again, we're going to buy our insurance. Instead of putting it back, we're going to put it normal to maybe a little front, because you want to get that height.

Again, I'm going to set my feet square to my target. But then I'm going to make sure that my shoulders are more shut than I feel comfortable with.


So I started out right. I'm going to have a little shoulder tilt, which gives me the launch, and a little shut clubface.

Beauty. That was the one. So it's ball up, more tilt, more closed than tilted, in to out with a little closed face, and up.