Gerina Piller: High Fade

Hitting high fades require some knowhow. Check out what Gerina Piller does in her swing to hit it consistently.


Now we'll do the high-high cut. And it's pretty easy. Play it a little forward, a little tilt. You probably play it a little forward than normal just so that you can get those shoulders open. Because once you open those shoulders the bottom of your swing moves up. That makes sense?


So it's a little forward, shoulders open, buy some insurance with the face.

That's not a hard shot for you either.


But your preference is to smash draw it.


Yeah. And that also helps you with what you work on and your swing, keeps the club face not open, cover in it, bang, bang.

I kind of feel like the ball stays on the face longer when I hit a draw. It's more of a direct blow.