Gerina Piller: Low Fade

Hitting low fades require some knowhow. Check out what Gerina Piller does in her swing to hit it consistently.


Low fade.

This one, same thing. We're going to buy a little insurance. Play it a little back. Not probably as much so I can kind of clear my hands on my hips because I got to come left with it. Open the face. And I'm really allowing my shoulders to be open so I can swing along this line here.

Don't be scared of going outside on the way back, right?


Because you can cut right across it.

Correct. And when it's a shot that I'm not very comfortable hitting, like I normally hit a draw, when I'm trying to get it to go the opposite, I tend to look at the golf ball as this is the center. One dot left, two dots left, one dot right, two dots right.

And this one you're out on the right.

You're trying to hit two dots to the right.

Like, out over there.


With an open face, right?

Because my normal is two dots left.


Yes. So that's a good picture that I have, where I'm trying to hit the ball as you can see right over here.

Right over there somewhere.


Yeah. That's not that hard a shot for you, is it?


You're good at going left.


You sort of represent in a swing what a lot of men love to have and that's a lot of our guys have a to the left. They like that to the left.