Gerina Piller: Downhill 5 Wood Shot

Check out how Gerina Piller hits her 5 wood 2nd shot on a par 5 with a 5 wood.


You actually drove it, two great drives, way down there, but we wanted to bring you back to the hardest shot we could possibly have. Downhill lie, kind of a uphill shot, down wind. 210 yards.

Over water.

But you have, over water, but you have your favorite club.

I do. Five wood.

My little five wood. So it's downwind. Usually I fly this about 210 to 215, but because of the down, the down slope here, it's not going to go as far. It's not going to fly as far.

Won't go up as much.

Correct. So another thing that I'm going to do is probably trip down a little bit, just so I can get a little closer to the ball.

Yeah. More control.

A little more control.


And again, the key here is to stay down on the ball and not try to lift it up.


I'm looking for solid. And I'm going to again, buy some insurance, and almost try to get a little cut so I get a little extra height on it.

Up on it.

Yes. Wind off the right, so I'm going to aim just probably right of the flag. You know, it's kind of the fat part of the green there.

Yep. Again, I want to get my shoulders going with the slope. Play a little more back than I normally would.

Come on wind, just a little bit, please. Oh, great shot, Gerina. Look at that. That was a shot. Wasn't it?

That was pretty good.