Gerina Piller: Full 7 vs. Soft 6 Iron

Gerina Piller takes us inside the decision to hit a full 7 iron vs. a soft 6 iron and explains what the difference is in the swing.


We'll hit two shots here. We'll hit a full seven, and then we'll hit maybe a controlled six or something.


What do you think about that?


Now is that a pin? Is that pin in the back?

It looks like it.

I think so.

Would you try to get it back there?

No because--

Over's no good?

Over is OK. This green playing here, obviously it slopes pretty good left to right. So your ideal is a little short right of it.

This tree is not an issue?



Not an issue.

So when you start this left to the pin and let it drift?

Yes. Again, the wind is your friend.


So it's a fade lie. I'm going to buy a little insurance with my club face just so that I get the club on the ball.

You just turn it in a little bit?

Just a little bit. Yeah.


Wow. That's so nice. Great shot.


That thing's stiff. You probably don't event want to hit a six now because that six is too much, right?

No, that one, obviously I closed it. That was like the max and the best I needed to hit it.

So a lot of people I'm sure don't realize there's a lot of little minuscule little things going on here, too, in the face. You play with the wind. There's a lot of--


A lot going on here.


So with this one--

Is this the wrong choice because-- do you want to go and get a different kind of seven, like a high one, or you want to try to get a little six?


But you're going to get wind here.

Oh, for sure. And you're going to some sidehill lies. You going to get left to right winds, and the reason why I think a six OK is because we're on up slope here. That's going to add a little loft. That one I obviously close the face, took a little loft off of it, and hit it lower penetrating shot.

This one, I'm going to let it get up in the wind, and let it come down high and soft. So I don't really have to worry about a whole lot of roll because I am hitting into the wind and I'm on this upslope. So I'm probably going to start a little more left maybe over this little branch that jots out--


And just let the wind take it. And again I'm all about buying insurance, and maybe I should sell insurance after golf or something. But choke down on it because I don't need it all. Have a little tilt.


Wow. That's so nice.

And the wind didn't take it much, but high and soft.

That's so nice. Well played. That was beautiful. I want to go up there and see you knock one of them in. That's great.

All right.