Gerina Piller: Taking Dead Aim With The Driver

Gerina Piller discusses how she plays aggressively by taking dead aim with her driver.


So this hole here is a very inhospitable-looking hole-- up a hill, into left to right with a bunker halfway across the fairway, trees down the right. It's intimidating to say the least, right? This would be a good fairway hit.

Yes, and this is probably one of the toughest shots for me, left to right wind. If it would get any tougher, it would be a dog way to the left.


So for me, on this one, I'm really just going to let-- a good saying to live by is the wind is your friend, and don't try to fight it.

Don't go back into it.

Right. So I know that if I hit it right center of that bunker, the wind or my shot shape will take it right.


That's going to definitely open up the fairway, instead of trying to aim up the right and turn it in.

So do you put all your eggs in the aiming basket? I tend to lean on, let's make a really good aim here and let's a really good swing.


What I feel like is my good swing.

Aiming and being committed to that aim.

To the aim.


For me, once I decide that I'm aiming there, I've giving it everything I got.

For sure.


For sure, especially on a hole like this because the last thing I want to do is hit a poor shot and not be committed.


Nothing will make you more angry than that. So I'm going to about--

The big light green tree in the distance is pretty good, isn't it?

For it to end up there, yes. I am gong to aim probably left edge of that tree.


And if it cuts a little, that's fine. It probably will because of the wind. So really focus on that aim and being square. And I'm not focusing on where the ball is going to end up, but where I'm aimed, and hitting it at that target.

There's that little wind you talked about. You probably didn't miss the target by two feet, where you aimed at.

That was pretty good.