Gerina Piller: Wedge Swing

Gerina Piller discusses the difference in her wedge swing and how she hits certain distances.


As far as wedges go, I very seldom like to hit them full, like I'm going to murder this wedge, or I going to hit the saw.

That's a 58. What do you hit it, 100? Not even?

No, my max I'll hit is 85.

I knew it. I was thinking you had 54. Sorry.


I was thinking 54 was probably 100.

54, yeah. 100.

So you're not that specific. You just look at the shot because you have lean. You have you have lower and higher shots, so you have a lot of room to make things happen--


With your swing.


It's not just a blow by thing. You've got some thump on there.

Yes. Yeah, let's try.

That is correct.

So, a lot of it is you have a full wedge-- you just-- I don't really like to swing my wedges where I take a full turn, and I feel like I get really disconnected.

Yep. And so--

Just grab another club, right?

If I have an 85-yard, 95-yard shot, I'll take this 54, and you'll notice that I grip down on it.

Do you? Yeah.

I'm not one to shorten my swing or tell myself, like, oh it's 9:00, or tell myself it's like 75% because sometimes when you're in the heat of the moment, you forget.

Oh, yeah. You can forget your name.

You forget 9:00 and it may be 12:00. Pretty soon you're air mailing the green. So this is dummy proof. This is because I tend to forget, and if I choke down, I can swing normal, and it's going to go less.

Go less. Shorter radius, etc.

And so that's what I'll usually do. I'll choke down on it, and that way this keeps me being aggressive through this shot.

And you've got this-- I want to say it's part of your pre-shot-- you go extended waggle back there.


What are you doing there?

I'm just really feeling everything moving together. It's not like I'm taking my hands. It's all one motion, and I'm really feeling like I'm connected to the ground using my feet and using the ground as leverage.


That's your 100, 90, 100. Somewhere in there.

Yes, so that was-- I'd call it, if you watch me on TV and you overhear me and my caddy talking, and it'll be a grip 56 or 54. Sometimes I'll grip a club and that's just-- I'm taking five, seven yards off of it. But as you can see, I still have acceleration, and there's still some power in that. And I feel by gripping down, I can still be very aggressive through it, still create the spin, and have that solid contact.