Hitting Down Into The Ground

Jackie Burke explains how to feel like you are throwing the club into the ground at impact.


You like to hit shot. You always come down and tell me, "Don't hit the same shot."

No. Curve it.

Curve it.

Just keep it down, because this wind is blowing.

That was a nice shot right there. And that's what you've always told me. You said, you know, you want to keep your game in decent shape, so when you go, you want me to write on there that he was hitting it well.



But you also told me that you wanted to be buried with your blade putter, so that when you get up there and Hogan Demerat may have a tee time ready for you.

May have the greens passed.


But in playing wind shots, the club stops right there at the ball.


You don't finish.

You're not trying to go up with it.



So if you play a wind shot--

You put all the force to the bottom there, right?

Yes. And you stop it.

There you go. Now you are the pro at Galveston Country Club for a time or two, and that was real windy down there.

It really was.

And Demerat was a good wind player. And Ben Hogan, when he wrote his book, he gave credit in the beginning of the book to Demerat, because Demerat used to work that club-- that left forearm-- over.

Right. He did.

Yeah. And is that what you're saying? You're saying that-- because a lot of these coaches are doing all this, but really, that thing's going to cross over.

You just throw the club down and stop it. It stopped right in the ground.


People try to get under it. They don't realize that the reason they put this loft on-- [? because ?] the loft gets it up.


And so you can go down as hard as you want to on that dirt.

Yeah. So you just chase that right out of there.