50-51 Rule

Jackie Burke on one of his main fundamentals in live, the "50/51 Rule."


This priest came in our class one day, said, look, this is not a great class. But you all are lucky. You got me. So he put $50 on this board and $51 on that one. He said, if you earn that one, do not try to spend this one over here.


That's called the 50, 51 rule.

That's all you need. You need no other economics, do you?

Or you can have a good credit card, you'll be all right.

Oh, god.

Like the rest of the country.

No, that don't hurt.

When you reach in for them dead presidents, that's when it hurts. Credit card doesn't hurt you.

JB says that all you've got to do is follow the 10 commandments, and all the jails would be empty.

They would, wouldn't they?

They would be, of course.

Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not kill.

That's number one. Number two?

Hey, you're right. I'd rode with Elk. He was breaking the rules yesterday.

He breaks more rules than any member out here, any [INAUDIBLE].

I guarantee it. Have you caught him fishing yet?

Does he know who he is?


He thinks he does.


That's all right?

He's got some whiskey probably nobody else can get.

Trying to be somebody instead of--

I got it

--doing what you're supposed to be doing.

Always trying to impress somebody, always.

That's right.

Focus on what you're doing and not who in the hell you think you are.

I'm zoning. These guys, they're still doing it out there. Hey, $130,000 yesterday. $70,000 yesterday.

Oh, my god.

And I lost to Steve yesterday too.