Tiger Wood's Return

Jackie Burke discusses Tiger Wood's return.

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Hey, so Tiger Woods is coming back this week. What's going to happen?

Well, the problem with that is that just in life in general, whether you're the president of a huge company or you win a whole lot of tournaments, you lose, you're sensitive. After you've acquired all of this fame and everything, it's hard to get that back. And so you never really get back, because you're on top of the mountain, and there [? will be ?] some people down there to help you down.

Yeah, so you're saying that no one really-- they're not going to help him stay up.

You can't stay up, yourself. You can't redo you what you've already done. It's impossible, because you've done that and it's over with. And you can play if you want to, but it's difficult to play when you've already done it.

Do you think there's a place for him out there where he can play like Jack did or Arnold, where he can actually enjoy himself, or do you think it's going to be either full in or full out?

Well, I think Tiger, when you get up and you've been that successful, it's hard to find something to do after that, to even come near that. Nicklaus built courses, and I see where Tiger is trying to do that, too. But actually, they have a company that builds the course. They add a few things to them, but they're not architects.

And it's a lot of travel, and it's not forgiving. Travel is tough. And you have to go do it, and it's hard to find a business that you can locate in a city and that would even keep his attention.