Speed of the Ball into the Hole

Use the entire hole by having the right speed on the ball when putting.


I mean, he needs to take the club out of there, it would get him the flight--

That he sees in his mind?

That he sees in his mind.

Like, let me let me expand that. Like, I see a little shot right here to that pin, and I got the wind in, I know way up's no good.

But if you could throw the ball to that flag, what flag would you throw it on?

About the high as that that taller tree, and just below that.

Then get it close, it does that.

OK, I'd probably go with a-- obviously I've got to chip it, right?


So, let's say I'm just going to go with a wedge of some kind, because it's not very far, it's only like 50 yards. But I automatically would feel like-- to get that in my mind, I'd have to have my hands there, that's no good, it's not going to work, can't hit it hard enough. It would go up too high.

Well then you got to get another club-- [? pull another ?] club. Is that a pitching wedge?

Yeah. OK, I can see that now.

OK, well then you swing, because the club's going to get it for you.

And that's what a guy has to do?

He has to do that.

What if he's not comfortable about hitting that low? You just got to get over that, right?

I think you do. It's called play golf.


It is just hitting a ball with no idea where it's going to go, any more than that pitcher is going to throw a ball at that hitter any way he wants to. The catcher is going to determine whether he should throw a curve. So you have to see the flight.