Walking Into The Shot

Jackie Burke demonstrates how to walk into the shot consistently and relaxed.


Even today, you still-- you're very, very careful where you put your grip.


You drop it in play. You put your feet where you want them, and then you start working your way in. It's still rhythm. It's still rhythm.

It is.

It's very conscious, isn't it? You consciously get making these things happen.

Well, you're doing this. Then you walk his grip in. You put your-- with your right shoe, you get it down. You get there. And then you put your left down.

That was nice. That was a nice one.


So you say-- so let me see if I can do what you did there. So you tell me. You've showed me this a million times.

Right, up there.

So I put my elbows on me there.

On me. And then you walk.

Sometimes we see guys that put stuff in, but you don't need that.


You just put your arms on you.

And you anchor it with your arms.

I'm anchored now. Now, I bring everything over.

Right, and walk it in.

And then I put my foot where I want it.


And now I'm working. You go back on your right and come through on your left. And you do it every time.

Whatever that equates to for you, right?


I come in with my right, and then I put my--

--left down. You're going to land on that left one.

You're over. Right over there, where you belong.


But it's a simple-- it's a rhythm to that. You walk it in, and you're in motion. Motion starts motion. If you start in motion--

You were telling me about when you go to the dance floor to go dance to a girl--

My brother had an instructor. And he said, Jimmy, did you ever go into a bar and you saw a little girl over there you wanted to dance with? Did you go like that, or did you go with the music?

So you're saying add all that in here.



Now so the more emotion you have, [INAUDIBLE]--

And then now I'm relaxed.


I'm relaxed.

That's the way to do it right there.

I feel it. I feel the whole--

Motion creates motion.

You saying, don't come in like this, pull this.

Don't come in and stand there like a stone.