Chipping Low

Jackie Burke demonstrates how to alleviate any anxiety by chipping low.


Because there's a fair amount of anxiety. Sometimes it comes. It even happens to me on the tour sometimes. And I know it's happened to you. You do get to this point right here, right?


And there is some anxiety about hitting this shot. How does a player get over that?

He doesn't.

He doesn't. He just faces it?

If he will simplify, if he will simply try to slice it-- all of his chipping game is cutting. It could in a run-up game, everything is a cut, is a cut. He'll be a good chipper.

Except maybe when you were hitting the one with the four iron, and you wanted to--

If he learns to chip low-- you teach a guy to chip low, and not try to chip up in the air. If he tries to get it up in the air, it's going to be a disaster. If I take this wedge, it's a sand iron, and if I think low, if I think low, it's going to go low. But if I try to hit it up, you're going to hit behind it.

And you know when you do hit low, it always has spin on it. So a lot of people look at this shot, and they fear it. Because they think, oh, it's got to be this high, and it's got to flip.

It's got to stop.

When you hit it with correct, it will stop, right? Have some check on it.


And everybody says, what's the first question that we've been asked our whole life is how do you put spin on it, right? Well, if you were going to answer it, it does come from the making the cut cool off, right?

It comes from these grooves right here.

But also the correct angle, right?