Spin The Ball

Jackie Burke demonstrates how to spin the ball in chipping/pitching by pushing the handle of the club down at impact.


You can get your hands like that, and you can really put it in. Really put it in low.

That ball had a lot to check on it.

It did. Because, see, here's one thing. When you put your club here, push the handle. Push the handle down, and then you can hit it by design. Don't stand there with the handle behind you. Push it down, and you put some tension in it.

It also kind of guarantees that you're getting ahead of it, right?

It does. It does. Take the club, and set your hands until they feel like this, like you're springing the shaft. Your hands will be right there.

That ball's low, but it's got a tremendous amount--

That went in, oh!

--that has a tremendous amount of check on it, right?

It did.

Well, what people don't realize, you don't have to go so high if you know how to make it spin, right? Like pool shooting.

If you spring this shaft, that's-- see, they put a shaft in there. Very few people even use the shaft.


And they'll put a club down in the shaft. It's not even in the game. But if you take a shaft and push it down, you'll chip good with everything.

Well, there's a reason that all manufacturers have a softer shaft in the--


--in the club. And guys like you and me, and Mike, as soon as we grab a club, that's the first thing we feel, is what the shaft is.